About Me

My name is Nikki, I have been following THM since March 2016 and a coach since November 2018.

I am so pleased you chose to join me!

My Story

Before THM 2015

I was a yo-yo dieter, always moving on to the next quick fix. I was always successful at losing the weight, and always more successful at putting it all right back on plus a few more bonus pounds! I was that all-or-nothing girl. I had to do everything 100% or I was off the wagon and running back to my old habits!

2016I am not the perfect THM’er. I know the plan, and I know where to get answers if I don’t have them! God made us perfectly imperfect. He does not expect perfection from us, only awesomeness. He is the only one who is perfect. Come, be awesome with me!

How wonderful it is to be free!  Free from guilt, free from sin, free from aches and pains, free from those pounds of pain and sadness that came from sugar and food addiction, and free from confusion about how to feed my children for life!

2018My Husband, Kyle, follows the plan with me and has lost many pounds and gained aback mobility in his knees and eliminated his gastric reflux! My children (2 and 4) also loosely follow the plan with us in the hopes that they won’t have the same food addictions we grew up with. My children participate in the kitchen and absolutely love helping mom out! They frequently make appearances in my live videos and many of my baked goods were diligently measured and counted by Evee!

I work full time as an MRI technologist in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. My family lives on a few acres out in the country. I spend time gardening and crafting when I can! I spend some time in the fall fermenting veggies and making kombucha tea for the winter ailments. I think of myself as a part-time purist and a most-of-the-time drive thru sue! One of my greatest joys is finding a shortcut in the kitchen (or a good sale!).

I would love to walk with you on your journey however that looks for you! I will share my life with you, what I’m eating and how I handle certain situations when it comes to eating. I will share videos of using the latest gadgets to increase your THM satisfaction with a little bit of Jesus sprinkled in! I also offer one on one and group coaching if that is something that you need from me! My one-on-one coaching is only offered on Wednesday evenings so keep that in mind while reviewing my services. Another coach and I are forging ahead with a very innovative take on the group coaching setting! We are coaching together and focusing on making friends and strengthening our faith together!  A very wise woman once said, “Find something you love to do, and make friends doing it.”  We are embracing that idea and we have had some very wonderful feedback from our first group and hope to move mountains in many women’s lives!